River City Power Washing uses non-toxic products for rapid oil and fuel spill absorption from all hard surfaces, soil and water; FDA approved safe for nature and wildlife; and EPA listed to remediate your spill entirely on-site. The cleaning technique and technology has proven to be successful in desorbing hydrocarbons from water and essentially any hard surface. Unlike a hazmat cleaning company, we can provide this service directly to our customers at a much lower cost, while still providing the highest quality results.

The industrial, commercial, and marine sectors are prime places for large oil spills to be a recurring problem. If left unaddressed, spills quickly become time-consuming and costly. The ramifications of environmental damage caused by a spill can result in unwanted attention and fines from government organizations. Whether you own a commercial company that deals with oils, fuels or other hydrocarbons or just have an unsightly spill or stain on your premises, River City Power Washing can be of great assistance.